Which is the Best Hotel in Haldwani

Haldwani was an obscure place till about 10 years ago. We passed by it while driving down to Kumaon hills and never felt its presence. It was like one of those small suburban areas on both sides of highway that irritated you as a traveller and never expected you to stop here. But no more now. Haldwani has grown into one of the bigger urban agglomeration of Uttarakhand state now. You can’t blink and miss it. It now forces you to look at it with some respect and offers you reasons to stay back and explore. So during my last visit to Nainital, I decided to stay at Haldwani and explore this place.

Best Hotels in Haldwani

So the first challenge was to figure out a decent hotel to stay here. The town has a couple of main roads, Bareilly road and Rampur road. Civil Lines is one of the main areas of the town other than railway and Bus stand. There are multiple hotels in and around Civil Lines area, but most of these are small and dingy places. However, to my pleasant surprise, there are a few nice hotels around Civil Lines too. I checked out some of these hotels and liked Clarks Inn Blue Saphire the most. The reason being its clean rooms, rooftop swimming pool, a well-stocked bar and room amenities. I am quite used to these facilities in a Hotel as most of the times I am travelling to destinations across the world and I believe these are the basics which a Hotel ought to have.


I used this hotel as a base to move to various places in Kumaon hills. I also explored areas in and around Hotels in Haldwani. With the hotel being close to Civil Lines and also in the vicinity of Bus and railway station, I found it very comfortable to move around any time of the day. The place is safe and one can travel freely. While travelling around the town the fact that this town has grown so big also dawned on me. I also understood the reasons behind it. In fact life in the hills of Uttarakhand has not been easy and there is mass migration from hill towns and villages to plain areas. In fact, there is very high number of villages which are now completely deserted. This has resulted in quick increase in the population of Haldwani. As the population increased, the consumption and therefore the business opportunities increased. Also there were a few industrial promotion hubs set up next to this town. All of this has given rise to an urban population that is upwardly mobile.

I understand the biggest change this has brought in has been the lifestyle of people. It has resulted in a number of new eateries, bars and hotels. But once again, I will say, the Hotel Clarks Inn blue Saphire is the jewel of Haldwani town.


Best Places to Stay in Haldwani

So here I was again back to Kumaon hills. This time I decided to stay in Haldwani town visiting multiple places while making Haldwani as my base. Why did I choose Haldwani as the place to stay and not any other town has several reasons:

  1. Haldwani has good hotels that offer all the amenities provided by star hotels in any large town. I am used to these luxuries and for me, these are basic necessities. I can’t live without these.
  2. Haldwani is the only place in this area that has some nightlife. The rest of the towns go absolutely dead after 10 PM and I don’t like that.
  3. Haldwani has good call and internet connectivity. Though I am on my leisure trip, there are few works which are important and I need to attend to those regularly even while on travel. Staying back in one of these hill towns means losing out on connectivity at times and I don’t want to get trapped in that.
  4. With Haldwani as the base, I could explore multiple hill towns as all these towns are connected to Haldwani. The roads between these hill districts are really poor and would have posed challenges in traveling.
Hotels in Haldwani
Best Luxury Hotels in Haldwani

Once, I was sure to stay back in Haldwani, I started looking out for hotels. I checked several hotel booking portals and read reviews left by fellow travelers. I found Hotel Blue sapphire as the most highly recommended hotel on various portals like make my trip, trip advisor etc and decided to check out the place along with a few others which were rated well. I visited 5 star hotels in haldwani along with Hotel Blue Sapphire Haldwani and checked various amenities offered by these. I was pleasantly surprised to see the hotel quality in Haldwani. The hotels were clean and the rooms were well stuffed. Most had nice rooms with restaurants etc.

I , post my visit to all these hotels, decided to stay at Hotel Blue sapphire Haldwani. The reason was simple – it was the cleanest, has sufficient and safe place to park my car and my room had a view of Nainital hills, which was awesome in the nights. The hotel has a beautiful and well-stocked bar, which makes it easy to spend some time in the evening and get to speak to people from all over. I was surprised by the good quality of people I could interact with at the bar on most days. The whole atmosphere is quite relaxed. The food is delicious and has a wide variety to offer.

Hotels in Haldwani – The Right choice

As civilisations started to grow, people started visiting more and more new places. Serais or taverns were the first places which were developed for such visitors to stay for the night. These were basic structures, sometimes with individual rooms with community places. One could cook food alone or can mingle with others around and many travellers cooked food together. These were a great help for people travelling outside their home towns. As time passed, hotels emerged with excellent facilities. Hotels in a city like Haldwani have grown in grandeur and scale over the years and Hotel Blue Saphire in Haldwani is one such hotel which competes with the best hotels in India.

Till about 2 decades back, while Haldwani was still a little sleepy town, it was dominated by Dharmshalas hotels in Haldwani near railway station. These places were very rudimentary and did not afford any luxuries of modern life. As time passed, some government departments and private organisations started setting up their own guest houses for their employees. Most of the visitors to the town would just pass this town by to reach Nainital, an attractive hill station with lakes. Even institutions like Pantnagar University had their own guest house a little before Haldwani. One could also see the place where Corbett used to stay in Choti Haldwani village towards Ramnagar.

Hotels in Haldwani

However, things started changing very quickly for this town as Uttarakhand separated from UP and this was created as a new state. Haldwani became a major commercial hub. Due to taxation and other issues, all the brands who wanted to sell their wares in Uttarakhand had to set up base here. This resulted in people travelling to Haldwani in large numbers. Therefore, the necessity of hotels was felt and a good number of hotels started getting setup. The first few hotels were small with little facilities. They would be located in congested areas of the old city or near the railway/ bus station. Visitors would find it tough to even park their cars in these hotels. With time, the travellers have also become more demanding and expect these places of stay to offer comforts as offered by hotels in large towns.

With this perspective, one needs to evaluate the hotels in Haldwani and decide which one is the right choice for an individual. There are now hotels from various service providers like OYO, however, they have poor hygiene and amenities standards. It is better to choose a hotel which is located I an open area and has good facilities. Hotel Blue Saphire in Haldwani can be a great choice for you if you are visiting this town for leisure or for business.

5 Star Hotels in Haldwani

A five star hotel is called so for the convenience and the style it provides to user. Five star hotels assure a certain level of services and facilities to the user and though priced higher than other hotels, it provides the luxury unmatched by other hotels. Talking of Haldwani, there is just one hotel, Hotel Blue Saphire, which provides luxuries that one would associate with a five star hotel. This hotel is in the town and has all the modern facilities to ensure a comfortable stay for the guests.

Hotel Blue Saphire offers luxuries unrivalled by any other hotel in this entire region. It has a swimming pool that is as good as a swimming pool can be. The view from the swimming pool and from the party area next to it are quite nice. The lobby area is grand and makes an immediate impression on the guest as he enters the hotel. The maintenance of all these areas in the hotel is impeccable and is at the same level at which one would find in a five star hotel in a metro city. There are multiple restaurants in the hotel and each one specialises in its own way. The bar is well stocked and beautifully done up to entice a guest who spends time there. The rooms are beautiful and well laid out to make the stay comfortable, whether you are on an office trip or with your family.

5 star hotels in haldwani
Luxurious 5 Star Hotels in haldwani

There are facilities to ensure guests can meet all their requirements. Well located and decorated conference rooms and banquets halls ensure a feel that is at par with 5 star hotels in haldwani. The lavish lunch or dinner spread with specific requirements of the organiser can be a visual as well as taste treat. One could use the library to read up in the free time or move around in the scenic beauty. The travel desk can help create personalised itinerary to explore the area. The beddings and toiletries in the room are top class and classy. The rooms are decorated very well and give a comfortable luxury at an affordable price. The staff is very well trained and is eager to meet all the requirements that the gusts can have. The hotel management understands the requirements for different age groups and ensure that facilities for all are available. Hotel Blue Saphire is very well located and Pantnagar university or industrial towns of Rudrapur and Sitarganj are very conveniently located to ensure a perfect five star stay for guests.

Book Your Luxury Hotels in Haldwani

Haldwani is a beautiful city, just before Nainital and next to Corbett national park, the park to be visited if you are interested in watching tiger in its habitat. The city has grown very big in last 10 years. The growth is mainly contributed by creation of separate state of Uttarakhand from UP. Also, as the new state was formed, a number of industries were promoted to bring in revenue to the state. As a result, several industrial towns were created like Rudrapur, Sitarganj etc. Haldwani is the central place for each of these industrial towns. Because of all these developments, the city started growing very fast.

Couple friendly hotels in kathgodam,Luxury Hotels in Haldwani
Couple friendly hotels in kathgodam

With this growth, a good number of travellers started coming to Haldwani. These travellers are primarily of two types – Tourists and Business travellers. With this, there is a demand for luxury hotels in Haldwani. To meet this demand a number of hotels started opening in Haldwani town. Hotel Blue Saphire is one of the best luxury hotels in Haldwani. It also serves tourists who come to visit Nainital, Bhimtal or Naukuchiatal. It also meets demands of business travellers, who come to Rudrapur or Sitarganj. So Haldwani has become a city which serves different people with different objectives and despite so much of travellers to this city, there is an absolute paucity of good luxury hotels.

Hotel Blue Saphire has been the only hotel in twin cities of Haldwani and Kathgodam that meets the standards of a luxury hotel and therefore gets good rankings by people who stay here. As a traveller, one looks to stay at a hotel which provides a safe and decently comfortable accomodation. The hotel should also be close to Bus stand and railway station. This hotel meets these requirements very well and is therefore a favourite of travellers – single business travellers, Couple friendly hotels in kathgodam. A traveller also looks for the place to meet basic business requirements like a meeting room or a conference room. These are essentials for a luxury hotel. Hotel Blue Saphire meets these requirements well. Also the food is good and 24 hour restaurant ensures that a guest working till late is also served good dinner.

Gone are the days, when travellers used to look around for cheap hotels. Now, air-conditioned rooms are a must. A swimming pool and comfortable bed are basic necessities and if these are not there, how can one talk about luxury hotel. Isn’t a luxury hotel by definition is expected to make a tourist feel like a king when staying at a luxury hotel. So head straight to this hotel and find luxury all around you.

Couple Friendly Hotels in Kathgodam

It’s good to check out vacant and safe hotels before planning to move on hill stations, especially when accompanied by partner. So, if planning to go Kathgodam, make sure you have planned well and reserved Couple friendly hotels in kathgodam .

As Kathgodam has its own rich history and often tourist call it ‘Timber king of India’ which derives the word Kathgodam, millions of tourists arrives every year at this destination point. There are two peak season for hotels in Kathgodam, of which the priority is given to summer season and secondary season is September to November. The winter season is counted as lean season and the price of hotels is also charged at normal rates.

Couple friendly hotels in kathgodam,hotels in haldwani near railway station
Best Luxurious couple friendly hotels in kathgodam

There are scores of hotels for accommodation with luxurious facilities and hill view, but it comes to the safety first along with the facilities and view when a couple wants to spend the quality time while enjoying the station. The details of couple friendly hotels are available on various websites.

The chain of hotels starts 2-km before Kathgodam. Hotels including, resorts, independent houses on rent, cozy flats and even guest houses are being rented charging tariff of various denomination from Rs 1,500 to 12,000 for 24 hours. There are some hotels located on the peak of some small hills between Kathgodam and Nanital. These hotels and guest houses gives direct view of hill, small lake and jungles.

So now if you are attempting to book the couple friendly hotels in haldwani near railway station, you have to plan accordingly and do some preparations. Before attempting, check out the hotel rating, photos, location on google map and services along with the service numbers. After booking the hotel, take the reservation number and couple of contact numbers, as in case of bad connection, you can try another number of hotels. Carry couple of government identity and address proofs and do not forget to carry your passport or aadhar card.

The hotels also provide cab booking facility and if you are planning to go in your own vehicle, they will give the service of wallet parking. Some of the hotels charge the parking fees apart from the hotel rent while some include the parking fees in hotel rent. It is also said that some hotels do not charge parking fees and they give it a complimentary service.

The rates of hotels in Kathgodam are sometimes high then Naukuchiatal because it is counted as one of the most picturesque locations. Also tourists who have long term plan of one month, use to stay here because the Kathgodam region leads to several dream destinations of couples like Nanital, Bhimtal, Naukuchiatal, Saattaal, Almora, Bhimtal, Ranikhet, Mukteshwar and other adjoining places.

The current temperature of Kathgodam is around 24 degree Celsius and during night hours, it drops to around 20 degrees sometimes.

Couple booking hotels in September or October month must not forget to prefer the hotel with walking area or hotel with bonfire area. The evening and night gives a silent chill atmosphere which derives the duo in intermingling dreams.

For more inforamtion please visit here :- http://www.hotelbluesaphire.com

Book Your Luxury Hotels in Haldwani :-

Amongst the good hotels in Haldwani, Hotel Blue saphire  provides to its guests furnished rooms with a good view of the hills and its own garden area for a leisurely stroll. Certainly a hot pick among haldwani hotels near railway station. Whether it os a business stay for one night or a stay with family to celebrate an occasion, Hotel Blue Saphire meets all your requirements. The food here is appreciated very highly by patrons.

One of the best budget hotels in Haldwani: With a history of over 10 years, Hotel Blue saphire provides a trip back memory lane to its guests. Formidable bay windows, wood-burning fireplaces, stone walls, rustic walkways and impressive sculptures echo an old world charm in this beautiful establishment. hotels in haldwani near railway station, this hotel is beautifully furnished and well-appointed with amenities including an in-house restaurant, a bar, in-house Discotheque and Indoor Games room.

Absolute value for money: This luxury hotel in haldwani – Hotel Blue saphire provides luxurious and comfortable accommodation to its guests and is furnished fully with state of the art interiors for a modern ambience. Providing all the modern day amenities, combined with spellbinding views and greenery, this modern, upmarket accommodation is one of the best hotels in Haldwani near on the popular Rampur Road, that connects further to various tourist places like Nainital, Bhimtal and Naukuchiatal etc.

Hotel Blue Saphire – The Most Couple Friendly Hotel in Haldwani

Haldwani is the gateway to Kumaon hills of Uttaranchal. Most importantly, the lake cities of Nainital, Bhimtal, Sattal and Naukuchiyatal can be reached from here. Haldwani is a bustling town and is very friendly to visitors.

Haldwani is also the financial and business center for the entire Kumaon hills. All the traders are based here. Haldwani is also famous for its markets and its eateries.

couple friendly hotels in haldwani,hotels in haldwai

This whole area is very touristy and sees a year-long inflow of tourists. Hotel Blue Saphire in Haldwani meets the requirements of tourists well. It is the most Couple friendly hotels in kathgodam. The staff is well trained to ensure that they are available for meeting the smallest requirements of the guests but also to ensure complete privacy for when the guests need it. The restaurant at Hotel Saphire serves a sumptuous buffet for breakfast and dinner, ensuring one doesn’t have to step out of the hotel.

The hotel offers all the services that a young couple may need. It has a roof-top swimming pool, a well-appointed bar and a selection of books and board games to help guests enjoy their time here. A friendly travel desk is ever eager to help guests see all the beautiful places in Kumaon hills and makes personalized recommendations.

For more information please visit here:http://www.hotelbluesaphire.com/

4 must do Things in Haldwani

So you have come to Haldwani, a gateway to Kumaon hills. You might have come here for business as Haldwani is the biggest wholesale market and a feeder market to all small hill towns in Kumaon region. Haldwani, to an outsider, also feels like a small wholesale market. Whether Bareilly road or Rampur road, both have huge concentration of shops and houses jostling for space with each other. However, the outskirts of the city have been developing fast and expanding. Though the railway station and the Hotels In Haldwani Near Bus Stand of Haldwani still resembles the inefficient and cacophonous stations of old small towns. With only a handful of trains connecting the town to Delhi or Lucknow, the city has remained but a small point on Indian rail map.

But don’t get lost in these details. Haldwani has much more to offer than what one sees in the first instance. And I am not talking of the malls or cineplexes, but small destinations in very close proximity of the city center. In fact, if you have just 60 minutes, you can drive down to one of these places and feel utmost relaxation and a gust of oxygen. For your convenience, I am listing these here:

  1. Jim Corbett’s cottage – A short distance away, in fact the place is known as Choti haldwani. See yourself surrounded by nature and everything that Corbett used to go for his famous Shikars of man-eaters of Kumaon.

jim corbet

2.Sheetla Devi Mandir – A little further up from Kathgodam, Sheetla Devi Mandir is one of those hill temples that make you to climb stairs after stairs. But trust me the views from the place and surroundings make sure that you don’t feel tired at all.

sheetla devi mandir

3.Gaula River – A sight to behold. This is where Gaula river hits the ground running and you can feel the mist all around you. The view is breathtaking and rejuvenating.

4.Amritpur – find yourself on the riverside and enjoy the water gushing down at great speed.

amritpur waterfall

I am sure you can find that one hour next time you are in Haldwani for a business trip. Hotel Blue Saphire can arrange all these tours for a business traveller at reasonable cost.

Definition of Budget Hotel

A Hotel is an established building where people pay for a room to sleep and meals. Hotels are classified into various categories according to their need, amenities, and service they provide. There is a star system in place to help travelers choose the category they want to stay in and the kind of amenities they are looking for.

Hotel Blue Saphire provides cleanroom and various other facilities such as Telephone, Air Condition, TV, Mineral water, a Broadband connection at an affordable price. It also has a concierge desk to take care of any special requirement that a guest might have.

Couple friendly hotels in kathgodam

Couple friendly hotels in kathgodam
Couple friendly hotels in kathgodam, luxury hotels in Haldwani

A budget hotel doesn’t mean that it has to compromise on the quality of services and Hotel blue Saphire personifies it. It provides excellent services and amenities at a price that is a budget hotel price. The stays here are pleasant and don’t burn a hole in one’s pocket.

It is also a perfect place for a Business Conference and meeting within a budget. The hotels like these are good for conferences, holidays or any other social or personal function.

Hotel Blue Saphire kathgodam promises to accomplish the visitor’s needs and wonderful stay with giving a peaceful environment. Visitors can book their room on http://hotelbluesaphire.com/