Book Your Luxury Hotels in Haldwani

Haldwani is a beautiful city, just before Nainital and next to Corbett national park, the park to be visited if you are interested in watching tiger in its habitat. The city has grown very big in last 10 years. The growth is mainly contributed by creation of separate state of Uttarakhand from UP. Also, as the new state was formed, a number of industries were promoted to bring in revenue to the state. As a result, several industrial towns were created like Rudrapur, Sitarganj etc. Haldwani is the central place for each of these industrial towns. Because of all these developments, the city started growing very fast.

Couple friendly hotels in kathgodam,Luxury Hotels in Haldwani
Couple friendly hotels in kathgodam

With this growth, a good number of travellers started coming to Haldwani. These travellers are primarily of two types – Tourists and Business travellers. With this, there is a demand for luxury hotels in Haldwani. To meet this demand a number of hotels started opening in Haldwani town. Hotel Blue Saphire is one of the best luxury hotels in Haldwani. It also serves tourists who come to visit Nainital, Bhimtal or Naukuchiatal. It also meets demands of business travellers, who come to Rudrapur or Sitarganj. So Haldwani has become a city which serves different people with different objectives and despite so much of travellers to this city, there is an absolute paucity of good luxury hotels.

Hotel Blue Saphire has been the only hotel in twin cities of Haldwani and Kathgodam that meets the standards of a luxury hotel and therefore gets good rankings by people who stay here. As a traveller, one looks to stay at a hotel which provides a safe and decently comfortable accomodation. The hotel should also be close to Bus stand and railway station. This hotel meets these requirements very well and is therefore a favourite of travellers – single business travellers, Couple friendly hotels in kathgodam. A traveller also looks for the place to meet basic business requirements like a meeting room or a conference room. These are essentials for a luxury hotel. Hotel Blue Saphire meets these requirements well. Also the food is good and 24 hour restaurant ensures that a guest working till late is also served good dinner.

Gone are the days, when travellers used to look around for cheap hotels. Now, air-conditioned rooms are a must. A swimming pool and comfortable bed are basic necessities and if these are not there, how can one talk about luxury hotel. Isn’t a luxury hotel by definition is expected to make a tourist feel like a king when staying at a luxury hotel. So head straight to this hotel and find luxury all around you.


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