5 Star Hotels in Haldwani

A five star hotel is called so for the convenience and the style it provides to user. Five star hotels assure a certain level of services and facilities to the user and though priced higher than other hotels, it provides the luxury unmatched by other hotels. Talking of Haldwani, there is just one hotel, Hotel Blue Saphire, which provides luxuries that one would associate with a five star hotel. This hotel is in the town and has all the modern facilities to ensure a comfortable stay for the guests.

Hotel Blue Saphire offers luxuries unrivalled by any other hotel in this entire region. It has a swimming pool that is as good as a swimming pool can be. The view from the swimming pool and from the party area next to it are quite nice. The lobby area is grand and makes an immediate impression on the guest as he enters the hotel. The maintenance of all these areas in the hotel is impeccable and is at the same level at which one would find in a five star hotel in a metro city. There are multiple restaurants in the hotel and each one specialises in its own way. The bar is well stocked and beautifully done up to entice a guest who spends time there. The rooms are beautiful and well laid out to make the stay comfortable, whether you are on an office trip or with your family.

5 star hotels in haldwani
Luxurious 5 Star Hotels in haldwani

There are facilities to ensure guests can meet all their requirements. Well located and decorated conference rooms and banquets halls ensure a feel that is at par with 5 star hotels in haldwani. The lavish lunch or dinner spread with specific requirements of the organiser can be a visual as well as taste treat. One could use the library to read up in the free time or move around in the scenic beauty. The travel desk can help create personalised itinerary to explore the area. The beddings and toiletries in the room are top class and classy. The rooms are decorated very well and give a comfortable luxury at an affordable price. The staff is very well trained and is eager to meet all the requirements that the gusts can have. The hotel management understands the requirements for different age groups and ensure that facilities for all are available. Hotel Blue Saphire is very well located and Pantnagar university or industrial towns of Rudrapur and Sitarganj are very conveniently located to ensure a perfect five star stay for guests.