Hotels in Haldwani – The Right choice

As civilisations started to grow, people started visiting more and more new places. Serais or taverns were the first places which were developed for such visitors to stay for the night. These were basic structures, sometimes with individual rooms with community places. One could cook food alone or can mingle with others around and many travellers cooked food together. These were a great help for people travelling outside their home towns. As time passed, hotels emerged with excellent facilities. Hotels in a city like Haldwani have grown in grandeur and scale over the years and Hotel Blue Saphire in Haldwani is one such hotel which competes with the best hotels in India.

Till about 2 decades back, while Haldwani was still a little sleepy town, it was dominated by Dharmshalas hotels in Haldwani near railway station. These places were very rudimentary and did not afford any luxuries of modern life. As time passed, some government departments and private organisations started setting up their own guest houses for their employees. Most of the visitors to the town would just pass this town by to reach Nainital, an attractive hill station with lakes. Even institutions like Pantnagar University had their own guest house a little before Haldwani. One could also see the place where Corbett used to stay in Choti Haldwani village towards Ramnagar.

Hotels in Haldwani

However, things started changing very quickly for this town as Uttarakhand separated from UP and this was created as a new state. Haldwani became a major commercial hub. Due to taxation and other issues, all the brands who wanted to sell their wares in Uttarakhand had to set up base here. This resulted in people travelling to Haldwani in large numbers. Therefore, the necessity of hotels was felt and a good number of hotels started getting setup. The first few hotels were small with little facilities. They would be located in congested areas of the old city or near the railway/ bus station. Visitors would find it tough to even park their cars in these hotels. With time, the travellers have also become more demanding and expect these places of stay to offer comforts as offered by hotels in large towns.

With this perspective, one needs to evaluate the hotels in Haldwani and decide which one is the right choice for an individual. There are now hotels from various service providers like OYO, however, they have poor hygiene and amenities standards. It is better to choose a hotel which is located I an open area and has good facilities. Hotel Blue Saphire in Haldwani can be a great choice for you if you are visiting this town for leisure or for business.


Couple Friendly Hotels in Kathgodam

It’s good to check out vacant and safe hotels before planning to move on hill stations, especially when accompanied by partner. So, if planning to go Kathgodam, make sure you have planned well and reserved Couple friendly hotels in kathgodam .

As Kathgodam has its own rich history and often tourist call it ‘Timber king of India’ which derives the word Kathgodam, millions of tourists arrives every year at this destination point. There are two peak season for hotels in Kathgodam, of which the priority is given to summer season and secondary season is September to November. The winter season is counted as lean season and the price of hotels is also charged at normal rates.

Couple friendly hotels in kathgodam,hotels in haldwani near railway station
Best Luxurious couple friendly hotels in kathgodam

There are scores of hotels for accommodation with luxurious facilities and hill view, but it comes to the safety first along with the facilities and view when a couple wants to spend the quality time while enjoying the station. The details of couple friendly hotels are available on various websites.

The chain of hotels starts 2-km before Kathgodam. Hotels including, resorts, independent houses on rent, cozy flats and even guest houses are being rented charging tariff of various denomination from Rs 1,500 to 12,000 for 24 hours. There are some hotels located on the peak of some small hills between Kathgodam and Nanital. These hotels and guest houses gives direct view of hill, small lake and jungles.

So now if you are attempting to book the couple friendly hotels in haldwani near railway station, you have to plan accordingly and do some preparations. Before attempting, check out the hotel rating, photos, location on google map and services along with the service numbers. After booking the hotel, take the reservation number and couple of contact numbers, as in case of bad connection, you can try another number of hotels. Carry couple of government identity and address proofs and do not forget to carry your passport or aadhar card.

The hotels also provide cab booking facility and if you are planning to go in your own vehicle, they will give the service of wallet parking. Some of the hotels charge the parking fees apart from the hotel rent while some include the parking fees in hotel rent. It is also said that some hotels do not charge parking fees and they give it a complimentary service.

The rates of hotels in Kathgodam are sometimes high then Naukuchiatal because it is counted as one of the most picturesque locations. Also tourists who have long term plan of one month, use to stay here because the Kathgodam region leads to several dream destinations of couples like Nanital, Bhimtal, Naukuchiatal, Saattaal, Almora, Bhimtal, Ranikhet, Mukteshwar and other adjoining places.

The current temperature of Kathgodam is around 24 degree Celsius and during night hours, it drops to around 20 degrees sometimes.

Couple booking hotels in September or October month must not forget to prefer the hotel with walking area or hotel with bonfire area. The evening and night gives a silent chill atmosphere which derives the duo in intermingling dreams.

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