Best Places to Stay in Haldwani

So here I was again back to Kumaon hills. This time I decided to stay in Haldwani town visiting multiple places while making Haldwani as my base. Why did I choose Haldwani as the place to stay and not any other town has several reasons:

  1. Haldwani has good hotels that offer all the amenities provided by star hotels in any large town. I am used to these luxuries and for me, these are basic necessities. I can’t live without these.
  2. Haldwani is the only place in this area that has some nightlife. The rest of the towns go absolutely dead after 10 PM and I don’t like that.
  3. Haldwani has good call and internet connectivity. Though I am on my leisure trip, there are few works which are important and I need to attend to those regularly even while on travel. Staying back in one of these hill towns means losing out on connectivity at times and I don’t want to get trapped in that.
  4. With Haldwani as the base, I could explore multiple hill towns as all these towns are connected to Haldwani. The roads between these hill districts are really poor and would have posed challenges in traveling.
Hotels in Haldwani
Best Luxury Hotels in Haldwani

Once, I was sure to stay back in Haldwani, I started looking out for hotels. I checked several hotel booking portals and read reviews left by fellow travelers. I found Hotel Blue sapphire as the most highly recommended hotel on various portals like make my trip, trip advisor etc and decided to check out the place along with a few others which were rated well. I visited 5 star hotels in haldwani along with Hotel Blue Sapphire Haldwani and checked various amenities offered by these. I was pleasantly surprised to see the hotel quality in Haldwani. The hotels were clean and the rooms were well stuffed. Most had nice rooms with restaurants etc.

I , post my visit to all these hotels, decided to stay at Hotel Blue sapphire Haldwani. The reason was simple – it was the cleanest, has sufficient and safe place to park my car and my room had a view of Nainital hills, which was awesome in the nights. The hotel has a beautiful and well-stocked bar, which makes it easy to spend some time in the evening and get to speak to people from all over. I was surprised by the good quality of people I could interact with at the bar on most days. The whole atmosphere is quite relaxed. The food is delicious and has a wide variety to offer.


Book Your Luxury Hotels in Haldwani :-

Amongst the good hotels in Haldwani, Hotel Blue saphire  provides to its guests furnished rooms with a good view of the hills and its own garden area for a leisurely stroll. Certainly a hot pick among haldwani hotels near railway station. Whether it os a business stay for one night or a stay with family to celebrate an occasion, Hotel Blue Saphire meets all your requirements. The food here is appreciated very highly by patrons.

One of the best budget hotels in Haldwani: With a history of over 10 years, Hotel Blue saphire provides a trip back memory lane to its guests. Formidable bay windows, wood-burning fireplaces, stone walls, rustic walkways and impressive sculptures echo an old world charm in this beautiful establishment. hotels in haldwani near railway station, this hotel is beautifully furnished and well-appointed with amenities including an in-house restaurant, a bar, in-house Discotheque and Indoor Games room.

Absolute value for money: This luxury hotel in haldwani – Hotel Blue saphire provides luxurious and comfortable accommodation to its guests and is furnished fully with state of the art interiors for a modern ambience. Providing all the modern day amenities, combined with spellbinding views and greenery, this modern, upmarket accommodation is one of the best hotels in Haldwani near on the popular Rampur Road, that connects further to various tourist places like Nainital, Bhimtal and Naukuchiatal etc.